• More Pull ups!

    Thursday 3/19/09 Ten rounds for time of: 3 Weighted Pull-ups, 45 pounds 5 Strict Pull-ups 7 Kipping Pull-up For weighted pull-ups place a 45 pound dumbbell between the legs above crossed ankles and jettison the dumbbell after third rep and continue with strict pull-ups and then the kipping pull-ups. Coming off the bar or going

  • Split Jerk

    Wednesday 3/18/09 Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps See trainer for progression up to the max reps. Have fun and be safe! Post loads to comments.

  • “Murph”

    Tuesday 3/17/09 “Murph” For time: 1 mile Run 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups 300 Squats 1 mile Run Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it. You can do 10 sets of 10 pull ups, 20 push

  • Squat Clean

    Monday 3/16/09 Five rounds for time of: 155 pound Hang squat clean, 9 reps 15 ft Rope climb, legless, 3 ascents Post time to comments.

  • Rest Day

    Sunday 3/15/09 This is a much needed rest day

  • “Saturday Blast”

    Saturday 3/14/09 This is another Saturday group W.O.D. It will be a circuit style as many of you have seen before. Be safe, have good form and push hard. This is 1 minute of work followed by 30 seconds of rest before starting the next exercise. Station 1 row Station 2 squats Station 3 push

  • Time to Push!

    Friday 3/13/09 Row 500M 25 Kettlebell swings 25 Box jumps 25 Wall ball shots 25 Sit ups 25 Push ups 25 Ball slams 25 Knee to elbows 25 Lunges 2 Rounds for time Post time and comments

  • “CrossFit Total”

    Thursday 3/12/09 Back squat, 1 rep Shoulder Press, 1 rep Deadlift, 1 rep Work up to your max load then do 1 Max lift for each. Post total to comments.

  • 30 Minutes of pain

    Wednesday 3/11/09 Complete as many rounds as you can in thirty minutes of: Five pull-ups Five ring dips 15 Sit-ups Post rounds completed to comments.

  • “Fran”

    Tuesday 3/10/09 For time: 21/15/9 Thrusters (men 95#) (women 75#) Pull Ups Perform 21 thrusters then 21 pull ups then 15 thrusters then 15 pull ups then 9 thrusters and 9 pull ups. This is a fast paced hard hitting W.O.D. and will be timed for each individual and used as a baseline. Be safe,