Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now!

There is no need to put your ultimate physical fitness aside any longer! This decision will change your life and fitness level forever! Crossfit forges your body no matter what your fitness background is; whether your are an athlete, business professional, first responder, parent, or child. If you are BORED of the same old corporate gym robotic style of building muscles you will never use, then join the family of CrossFit and enjoy honing your body through elite fitness.

There are a couple of ways, you can , or you can join us during our “Getting Started Session” on Saturdays at 10 am; which is a FREE 1 hour session. That time will be available to ANYONE and our trainers will be there to observe and answer all of your questions.

Due to all of the different variations in our bodies, we offer a free work out and evaluation to help determine which work out options are best for the uniqueness of YOU.

We have 3 regular training courses to offer:

Course 101
One on one training- Perfect for anyone desiring a highly individualized training and nutritional prescription. Course 101 includes dietary analysis and planning, body fat tracking, and a functional movement screen. Our Course101 training is a first step in obtaining mastery of our movements, or as a means to work on a specific area of fitness that you feel you may be lacking.

Course 102
Couples training-
What better way to stay on track than working out with those who love and support you? The support of family and friends can be a huge motivating factor in helping you each achieve your goals.


You can create your own small group class with family, friends, or co-workers. It is a great and fun option that is convenient and will get you the results you want!

Course 103
Group training-
Group classes offer an intense workout in a group environment. Training with a group provides competition, comradery and encouragement. It doesn’t matter what your current level of fitness is, you will learn to test your limits under strict supervision and with the support of your trainer and classmates. Group training is the most cost effective method of training.