HDCF is a lifestyle, a lifestyle that everyone can be a part of! We thrive by developing our minds and bodies and maximizing human potential by focusing on your body, mind, and spirit. With this in mind we can now measure your competency and ability by testing in several ranges of physical skills (cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, accuracy, and coordination.

We test through random physical challenges every day, and by the ability to produce work across the three metabolic pathways (phosphagen, glycolitic, and oxidative). Our personal objective is to increase your physical capacity across multiple, strange, and non-typical challenges by pushing time to the limits, maximizing your output, and extending you to lengths you never thought possible.  The intensity of the focused work-outs are the pathway for achieving the goals that we will help set for you and will push you through every step with support and encouragement.

The dedication of our trainers is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before; in the gym, at home, or around town they are there to answer questions and help in every way possible. This type of dedication is what is granted to you, personal trainers at all times during your experience at HDCF.  The HDCF journey will take you places in life you never thought possible. Discipline, teamwork, integrity and encouragement are the backbone of our lifestyle, and our heartfelt mission is to share that lifestyle with you.