“CrossFit has totally transformed the way I think about fitness, and High Desert CrossFit has provided an ideal environment to achieve my fitness goals. While I have never lacked commitment to fitness, I grew frustrated with traditional gym workouts.  For years I worked out hard and tried to mix-it-up by reading fitness magazines and hiring personal trainers.  While I managed to stayed in shape, I just felt there was something missing — I wasn’t having any fun, and I felt like the only skills I was improving was how to curl, bench press, or run on a treadmill.  Not exactly the skills of a well rounded athlete!Then I discovered CrossFit and knew it was what I had been looking for. The workouts combine the elements of many athletic disciplines — the strength of power lifting, the flexibility of a gymnast, the speed of a sprinter, etc.  Now not only was I staying in shape, but the skills and coordination I was learning were transferable to all the other sporting activities and life!

As much as I loved the idea of CrossFit, however, I was a ‘closet’ CrossFitter for a while — trying to do the workouts on my own because I was a bit intimidated to actually join a CrossFit facility.That all changed when I met Mark and the team from High Desert CrossFit. Mark and the folks at High Desert are tremendous, offering the perfect balance of coaching and encouragement, while at the same time pushing you to your limit.  They are patient in teaching new skills and there is never any judgement — everyone does their best and is recognized for the effort – regardless of the time they post or the weight they lift.

Thanks Mark — I feel like I have finally discovered ‘true fitness’ and it has transformed body and invigorated my spirit.”
— Patrick Davidson

“Prior to making High Desert CrossFit my “home CrossFit gym” in Bend, I tried out several other gyms. It was clear that HDC was the only one that provided the combination necessary for me to succeed at my fitness goals. The staff made me feel at home and despite my being unfamiliar with the program, they created an atmosphere where I felt like I was a member of a team. Through their availability, support in and out of class as well as assistance with nutrition I have been able to adapt CrossFit to my lifestyle.  It has helped me excel not only in my trail running, mountain biking and cross country skiing, but also in my work and with my family. Anyone looking for a non-threatening, at-your-own-pace, total body and mind fitness program would do well to visit High Desert Crossfit.”

“I joined High Desert Crossfit 8 months ago.  Up until that time I had been an avid sports enthusiast and attended the gym on a regular basis.  What sets them apart is the “family” we have here.  From the owner/head trainer Mark, to those who work out here I truly feel I am training with friends. Everyone is so encouraging and we all share in the joy of those who make new milestones in their fitness.  I have never felt more physically or mentally strong, and I owe it to the encouragement, knowledge, and drive that the trainers have here at HDCF to help us be the best we can be.  Since joining, I have seen many new strength and fitness milestones from myself as well as others.  As one who truly enjoys sport and the outdoors, I know that HDCF is helping prepare me to be the most competitve athlete I can be as well as one who can enjoy life to the fullest.  Thank you High Desert Crossfit!”